Key Facts

  • Challenging work due to volatile economy – but rewarding for those who want to give something back
  • Expatriate packages often include accommodation, car and driver and waiting staff
  • Export focused industries
  • Beautiful landscape and many outdoor activities such as safari


Africa is the world’s second largest continent and the second most populated, after Asia. It consists of 52 countries with diverse economies and culture. Typically economies within this continent tend to be volatile and the expatriate can find many challenges in their day to day work.

However, those who choose to work in Africa often fall in love with the continent and its unique charm and stay for many years. It is ideal for those looking to make a real difference and to give something back.

The landscape is world renowned for its beauty, diversity and prevalence of exotic animals and plants. Outdoors activities are varied: safari, waterskiing, diving, beaches, fishing to name a few.

South Africa is the largest economy in the continent and is among the most beautiful countries ever to have been discovered. 

South Africa’s warm climate offers a year-around outdoor lifestyle at low cost. You could easily be comfortable living in a studio apartment as so little time is spent indoors. That being said, affordable houses with large gardens, swimming pools and tennis courts are commonplace...

In fact, Africa as a whole is one of the few regions left globally where the ‘expat lifestyle of old’ is still prevalent: paid accommodation, waiting staff at home and colonial style houses are still commonplace across the region.

Industries in this region tend to be export focused: agricultural, mining, oil/gas.