Key Facts

  • Excellent travel network throughout the whole of East Asia
  • Affordable accommodation
  • English widely spoken throughout the region
  • Good educational system and many excellent international schools
  • Low crime rate
  • Vast array of cuisines and range of restaurant options from cheap eats to fine dining
  • 24 hour cities
  • Easy reach of superb beaches with fantastic diving opportunities
  • International transport hubs


Asia offers a huge diversity of opportunities throughout the region. Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo are the major financial services centres; however there are many interesting opportunities for the global finance professional within China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. Whether you are working for a global bank in Hong Kong’s vibrant financial services district, or are providing advisory services to a new professional practice in Vietnam, one thing will remain the same. You will have access to unprecedented career growth prospects in a fascinating and growing economy whilst enjoying a rich cultural experience.

Hong Kong is now a gateway to China and business travel into the mainland is common. With this comes a greater need than in previous years for Chinese languages skills - particularly Cantonese, but also Mandarin. In Singapore the business language is predominantly English reflecting a truly international business centre. At first glance, Singapore may seem neatly ordered and ultra modern; however it is still a thoroughly Asian city with strong Chinese, Indian and Malaysian influences. Walk from the glamorous boutiques of Orchard Road to the bustling night markets of Little India to gain a true flavor of this colourful city. Both locations’ financial services sector look internationally to fill a wide range of roles. The professional services firms are also very active in sourcing talent from outside their local markets and will draw on international expertise in audit, advisory, transactions services and corporate finance.