Key Facts

  • A location that suits single people, couples and families
  • In most locations you and your partner can work from one business visa
  • Easy location in which to integrate
  • Climate varied across Australia and New Zealand to suit all tastes
  • Outdoor lifestyle with wide variety of sports
  • Career development
  • Affordable accommodation to rent or buy
  • Excellent schools and health care
  • Low crime rate
  • Inexpensive hotels for weekends away
  • Reasonably priced restaurants
  • Well serviced for international flight connections
  • Easy reach of the Far East, Indonesia and Polynesia
  • Strong and stable economy with international links in particular Japan and China


It is no surprise that Australia and New Zealand are top of the list for those seeking to advance their career and lifestyle abroad. Mountains, beaches, the Great Barrier Reef… there is excitement and beauty around every corner. Single; with a partner; or relocating your entire family; this is one of the easiest environments in which to integrate. The economy is stable and those looking to work in the environment will gain exposure to a large client base and value adding work experience.

In Australia arriving on a work visa provides significant tax relief on rent and there is even a food allowance, making your dollar package highly competitive with other locations around the globe. Many of the world’s major banks, financial institutions, public accounting firms and major multinationals are located here. Travel to work by jet cat or boat, have a beer after work at your local beach bar, spend the weekend at a vineyard or skiing at one of the ski resorts. In both Australia and New Zealand work/life balance is more established than in many other locations and many banks offer the opportunity for those from a practice background to relocate internationally and gain exposure to the investment banking environment, while the big four accounting firms will consider those with smaller firm experience.