Key Facts

  • Good internal transport network and well located for international connections
  • Reasonably priced rental accommodation
  • Excellent social and health services
  • Partners able to work without restriction
  • English speaking
  • Close ties with and easy access to the USA
  • Outdoor lifestyle
  • Superb location for winter sports
  • Vast, unpopulated areas for exploration


Canada is chosen time and time again by expats for its excellent quality of life. There are a wide range of opportunities for the international finance professional and all offer access to the work/ life balance which has become the hallmark of working in Canada.

As the second largest country in the world, and spanning six time zones, Canada has considerable natural resources. Logging is of great significance in British Colombia and the oil and mining industry has seen phenomenal growth in Alberta, specifically centred around Calgary. Calgary has seen a huge influx of international expats over the past few years to provide finance and accounting support to the resources industries or the professional services firms working with them. Opportunities within the financial services sector tend to centre upon Toronto.

In Canada time outside of work is largely spent in the great outdoors as all major cities have easy access to the vast open spaces, rivers and lakes that Canada offers in abundance. The winter season continues to offer just as much activity with skiing being hugely popular. Canada is a country to continue your professional career growth whilst enjoying the immense natural beauty this country has to offer.