Key Facts

  • Tax free salaries and major client exposure
  • First class sporting facilities and events
  • Cheap cars
  • Great beaches
  • Hot climate
  • Expanding economy
  • No language skills needed
  • Well placed for international flights.


The Middle East continues to be a popular location. The affluence and development of the region’s economy provide excellent career experience. In recent years, salaries have levelled to be more in line with other locations, but the tax-free environment and low cost of living mean an excellent and luxurious lifestyle can still be achieved, alongside major client exposure and value adding experience.

The United Arab Emirates - in particular Dubai - has golf courses, water parks, fantastic bars and clubs. Business here is booming, not only in Oil and Financial Services but in the newly developed tourism industry, the world’s only seven star hotel is sited here the ‘Burj Al Arab’. The work environment is multicultural, reports are written in English which is widely spoken. In addition to building your career there is certainly no shortage of things to do; horse racing, 4WD dune bashing, windsurfing, camel racing, or if you prefer something more sedate, palm fringed beaches with floating beach bars. You can even ski in real snow thanks to a new snow dome. The Middle East is also a popular venue for various international sporting events. Accommodation ranges from state of the art villas to apartments clad in white marble. There is no shortage of money in this region and investment in the area results in a constantly improving landscape. Second hand cars are cheap and petrol costs less than water. Gold, diamonds and electrical goods can all be picked up at very low prices. There is an extremely strong expatriate community in the Middle East and adjustment is minimal.

Other centres in the Middle East offer a similar lifestyle and are following in the footsteps of the UAE’s rapid growth.