Key Facts

  • Excellent, widespread transport system
  • Good career development and exposure
  • Key financial markets
  • Expensive accommodation and high tax
  • Well placed for international travel


London is genuinely acknowledged as one of the key financial centres of the world. As such it attracts many international candidates and offers a variety of opportunity. Those coming from non-EU countries or from a non-qualified background should be aware that options are more limited; however if you possess a qualification along with sought after skills then this is a real option.

The UK and Ireland generally offer a good standard of living, but at a cost. London is the most expensive city in the world to live, with Dublin and many other UK cities not far behind. Accommodation is of particular expense. However you are well-placed to embark on international travel with London in particular, an easy and inexpensive gateway to Europe and beyond.

Taxes in this location are high but can be offset by the career opportunities and progression available. If moving with a spouse then the UK is a more natural option as partners can be sponsored on your visa, this is not the case in Ireland.