Key Facts

  • Major offshore financial services centres
  • Cutting edge work experience combined with laid back lifestyle
  • Partners able to seek work without restrictions
  • Friendly and safe family environment
  • Excellent educational structure
  • International work force
  • Low tax
  • Easy access to the UK and mainland Europe
  • Beautiful islands with unspoilt coastlines
  • Huge range of water sports available


Guernsey and Jersey of the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are islands offshore from the UK mainland. As they are not part of the UK they remain separate from the British taxation system, they are nonetheless British Crown Dependences and so retain close links. The result is thriving independent financial centres close to the UK and mainland Europe.

The Channel Islands are situated close to the coast of France and are a short thirty minute hop by plane from London. The main industries are financial services, tourism and farming. Today however the finance sector accounts for 60% of Jersey’s revenue. Businesses in Jersey and Guernsey benefit from zero corporation tax and individuals enjoy a low income tax rate of up to 20%, no inheritance tax or capital gains tax. Sectors within financial services include banking, funds, trusts, legal services and wealth management and Guernsey is Europe’s leading captive insurance domicile. You will find most major global finance organisations, as well as professional service firms (including the big four) have a presence here. This attracts a young and international work force who come for the superb career opportunities to be gained in a stable and sophisticated finance industry; but which are balanced with the relaxed pace of life these beautiful islands offer.

The Isle of Man is located off the coast of the North of England in the Irish Sea with easy access from either the UK or Ireland. Offshore banking, manufacturing and tourism are key sectors of the island’s economy. The Manx Government's policy of offering incentives to high-technology companies and financial institutions to locate on the island has paid off in expanding employment opportunities in high-income industries. Banking now contributes approximately 45% to the Manx gross national product.