Key Facts

  • Suitable for families
  • Excellent schools and healthcare
  • One of the worlds best economies
  • Wide range of accommodation available
  • Excellent career exposure
  • Visa restrictions


Generally regarded as one of the world’s difficult countries to gain access to as an international candidate. Typically as an expatriate, you would need to move to the USA on a H1-B visa. These are issued annually and are subject to a maximum number issued. However certain nationalities are open to trade visa’s which are unlimited and considerably easier to obtain.

The country boasts 50 states of varying industry prevalence. For example – those interested in financial services will find themselves drawn to New York; those with experience in energy will find opportunity in Texas, and those with a strong technology background will find themselves on the west coast in the Silicon Valley.

A wide range of accommodation is available and transport services, as you would imagine, are well developed and efficient.

Time spent working in the USA exposes you typically to clients of larger turnovers than you may have experienced previously and the majority of clients offer exceptional training and development programs. English and Spanish are the predominant languages. Spanish has effective dual-language status in parts of southern California, New Mexico, Texas and Miami. Climate varies across the USA from its famous ski resorts to the subtropical.