Key Facts

  • Varied culture, climate and environment
  • Established major cities; very multicultural
  • English often widely spoken in corporate world
  • Many outdoor activities: skiing, cycling etc
  • Well placed for international travel
  • Opportunity to learn a foreign language
  • Excellent road and rail links throughout mainland Europe and UK


As companies have become more pan-European, recent years have seen increased movement and opportunity across the EU member countries. This continues to make it difficult for non-EU citizens to secure a visa, however those with specific skills or language ability may still find opportunities. EU citizens without local languages but with sought after skills may be sponsored to learn a language; which once acquired, can add a considerable amount to your salary package and increase future career options.

European countries vary hugely in terms of culture, climate and environment. Taxes tend to be on a higher level in countries such as Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg; however salaries are structured accordingly. The region as a whole offers the chance to freely travel amongst its countries and take full advantage of its many charms: cheap and convenient transport networks; outdoor sports such as skiing, mountain climbing, cycling; excellent vineyards and food; many cities are steeped in history and there is much to entertain the avid traveler!

Europe is an excellent choice for those moving with family. All countries share established health and education systems, stable political and economic environments and a comparatively low crime rate to other continents.

The region continues to prosper and attract new investment – making it a hub of opportunity for finance professionals.